Thursday, August 18, 2005

Chocolate Music Reviews

Here are a couple of reviews of Danny Elfman's soundtrack for Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

Groucho Reviews says "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is the most memorable collaboration of Burton and Elfman since Edward Scissorhands, and the soundtrack album affords a great opportunity to relish it.".

Monster&Critics says "Danny Elfman’s score for Charlie and the Chocolate Factory captures the mood of the story, conveying the excitement and wonder as well as the strangeness of Wonka’s factory."

Blunt Review says "you can feel the excitement of the army of musicians involved - this is fun music, technically and sounderlyishly.".

Read the reviews and then get the album!

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Dr. Sky said...

Yup, Danny Elfman rocks! I'm composing the soundtrack to a film I have written, and he and John Williams are major influences.

It's a superhero film and filming starts after the 17th of this month.

I'm quite into the whole superhero type score - and I have a superhero question for you. Post an answer if you want on: