Sunday, October 09, 2005

FOX Desktop 0.1.8

FOX Desktop now will start the window manager itself. That way we can actually exit the desktop by just quiting the desktop program (the wm, a child process will get killed then). Not the most elegant way, but if anyone know how real desktops do this, please send me an email. Note that to specify the window manager you have to set the FOX_DESKTOP_WM environment variable. There is no stable / usable FOX Window Manager yet, so I have been
running 'kwin' myself.

Task buttons should also work now and should "activate" a window when clicked on. These still need some work though but still should give you a reasonable desktop experience. They also have tooltips now. Also right click should popup a menu, though nothing works there yet.

The path to the application menu can be set in the preferences panel.

Start button now has a logo on it (for now the Arch Linux Logo, since that's what I'm running). Maybe some creative minds could come up with a FOX logo??

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