Monday, January 09, 2006

Upcoming Software Releases

Some upcoming releases that are planned:

Goggles DVD Player

FOX 1.6 support, Named Bookmarks, bugfixes.

Goggles Music Manager

FOX 1.6 support, Advanced Tag Editing.


a new file manager written for the FOX Desktop.


An icon theme for the fox-desktop. Includes default filebindings and such.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Where are the softwares? you know that you are very bad at advertizing your desktop ;),

no, really, you could help fox-toolkit and people with your fxdesktop and fxwm and other utilities.

fox toolkit is damn fast, no doubt about it. but I think that lack of promotion is the cause.

you should update fxdesktop, fxwm, pathfinder, adie texteditor.

actually, i had to spend a lot of time worring how to install fxdesktop.

./gb.install did not work..

and one has to copy the scripts to /usr/bin or somewhere in the $PATH.

i am eagerly waiting for fxdesktop 1.0 with fxwm, and other fun and useful utilities made with fox-toolkit.

good luck to you :)