Friday, June 16, 2006

The Baroque Cycle

(Quicksilver - Book Three - Odalisque, page 720)

WATERHOUSE: Here, m'lord, fresh from Cambridge, as promised, I give you Books I and II of Principia Mathematica by Isaac Newton ...
APTHORP: My word, is that the cornerstone of a building, or a manuscript?
RAVENSCAR: Err! To judge by weight, it is the former.
APTHORP: Whatever it is, it is too long, too long!
WATERHOUSE: It explains the System of the World.
APTHORP: Some sharp editor needs to step in and take that wretch in hand!

Replace Principia Mathematica by "The Baroque Cycle" and imagine what the editor/publisher must have felt ("Do you realize what this will cost, for all the woodcuts?").

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