Thursday, October 19, 2006

Hiking in Alabama, Tennessee and North Carolina

The past couple of weeks I've been hiking in the weekends. This is where I went:

Foster Falls (TN)

This was a tough hike from one end of the park to the other. Mainly because of me being out of shape. The first part is pretty steep and several times you have to climb over rocks. The middle part is pretty boring but very easy. There's almost no incline or decline at all. The last part goes through a small canyon (don't disturb the bees like we did) and ends with a steep incline to get to end of the trail. It takes about 6 hours. I was really tired after this one. Subsequent hikes went a lot better though.

Walls of Jericho (AL)

Very nice trail that leads you to the bottom of the canyon. Only way out is to go the same way back. On the main trail there are two ways to come down. A long way and a short cut so to say. The shortcut isn't that much shorter and forces you to cross a stream. The long way provides a handy bridge to cross the stream, although you need to cross a second stream without a bridge. Now when we went there wasn't any water so we didn't have any problems "crossing streams". From the camp site down in the valley there are two paths that lead to the "walls of jericho". Both are dead ends, one going along the top of the canyon, while the other goes on the bottom.

Lookout Mountain (Chattanooga, TN)

Lots of trails here. We started a Point Park going down first and ended up climbing back to Point Park. We did a 5 hour hike that day (about 11 miles). We took the bluff trail to Georgia went down to one of the lower trails and went back north to Tennessee all the way to cravens house. From cravens house we took the shortcut straight to Point Park (which is quite steep I must say)

Lake Guntersville (AL)

Nothing much to say about. Close by, very easy.

Smoky Mountains (Cherokee, NC)

More on this later.

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