Friday, January 26, 2007

Music Manager and Beyond

After a quite succesfull release this week of Goggles Music Manager 0.6.2, I'm already working on its successor. Some long time fan who has been using a beta version for a while now complained that some features were missing that were previous there. Of course I never released those specific features out in the big world, so officially they never existed.

For a while now I've been working on meta information editing capability. From the file editing (mp3,ogg etc) standpoint I'm already done. I'm using taglib and the mp4v2 libraries to write back the meta information. Updating the database itself still requires some work, but should almost be done as well. I still need to create some dialogs for Artist and Genre editing. Also I like to implement a feature that will change the filename as well, when writing out the meta information to the original files. This mainly requires some changes to the preferences panel to set the filename template.

Anyway, hopefully I can release it soon.

It's Goggles, not Googles....

'nuff said.