Thursday, March 15, 2007

Memory used by Linux Music Players

Granted, each application may have different features that may require way more memory than Goggles Music Manager. After all, GMM only indexes all the track information and does nothing fancy like album art and such. I'm not sure if these numbers are at all scientific. Still they're fun to look at. The numbers were taking after starting the application and starting playback.

(application) (VmSize) / (VmRss) / (Num Songs)
GMM 85 MB / 23 MB / 10606
RhythmBox 116 MB / 29 MB / 9005
Quod Libet 107 MB / 51 MB / 10545
Amarok 137 MB / 54 MB / 10562
Banshee 161 MB / 77 MB / 10263

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Genesis Favorites: We Can't Dance

I practically grew up on this album and it is my first ever Genesis album. So I have a little bit of trouble listing my favorites tracks without listing all of them.
Also the album cover art is one of my favorites as well. Genesis definitely sounds more 'earthy' and less 'plastic' on this album then their previous 80's efforts.

The album has some really great short tracks like Jesus he knows me, No Son of Mine, and Hold On my Heart. But the long tracks on this album are definitely my favorites:

Driving The Last Spike
This song is about the many people that died building the english railroads. I think it's a great piece of song writing.

Dreaming While You Sleep
Great Song!

Living Forever
Living forever is about how so called experts tell you how to live you life healthy (and sane) and years later tell the exact opposite. Garlic used to be good for your heart, but not anymore. Feeling confused?
Anyway, it ends with a great instrumental with some good guitar work from Rutherford.

Fading Lights
Great album closer. Love the lyrics and the good old instrumental piece in the middle.

Friday, March 09, 2007


Yawn.... it definitely looked fantastic.... but how about some character development and story? It had some recognizable characters though. The whole movie was a combination of Lord of the Rings, Star Wars and Gladiator. I spotted The Emporer, Jabba the Hutt and Gollum. Lots of grass from Gladiator as well...

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Updating MP3 filenames

I already have tag editing in Goggles Music Manager, but that feature is not really complete unless you also have the ability to update the corresponding filename. Imagine that you change the title of a track, the filename would probably need to reflect the new title as well. Often you might have filenames that are not correct, stored in the wrong location, or stored in a flat directory instead of hierarchy type directory structure. So there is definitely a need to change the filename.

What's not easy is to determine what the new filename should be. There are several factors we should take care of:
  1. Character encoding of the file system. This may be specified by the current locale, but also you should be able to override it. For example, your current locale is UTF8 but you only want to write 7-bit ASCII to support transferring files to devices with no UTF8 support.
    Then there is this issue of converting unicode to 8 bit character encodings. Some combined characters in unicode may not have a equivelant character in the target encoding, but in decomposed form they may (for example the character "ë").
  2. Characters that have a special meaning in shells should be removed.
  3. Simplify white space usage.
  4. Optionally substitute any spaces for underscores.
  5. Optionally only use lower case characters.
  6. Optionally only use lower case characters for the file extension.

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Genesis Favorites: A Trick of the Tail

Since Genesis starts touring again this summer, I thought I might list all my favorite songs from each Genesis album. Who knows, may be they read my blog and consider playing some of them. Since they've so many great songs, I'll try to limit my selections up to 4 songs from each album.

Dance on a Volcano / Los Endos
I don't like the album version of these songs, but live they sound fantastic. Dance on a Volcano is a great song when you're hiking.

Mad Man Moon
Absolutely love this song. From what I've heard they're never played it live. Shame on them!

I love this song on the album. The live version on the archives set is a bit of a disappointment. It just didn't sound as good as on the album.

Beautiful song about getting older. Absolute masterpiece. (Live even better)

(and yes... these were 5 songs... I know)

Friday, March 02, 2007

Goggles Music Manager 0.7.0

I've released Goggles Music Manager 0.7.0 with whole bunch of new features:
  • gapless playback support.
  • Tag Editing Support.
  • Repeat Track Support.
  • Speed improvements in SQL database.
  • Minimize jumping of slider control when seeking.
  • Background color for every other row.
  • Import of single files now also possible.
  • Columns in tracklist are also now configurable in browse mode.
  • Fix Crash when clearing database and reimporting in List Mode.
  • Set default value for saving tag changes to file to false.
  • Manage own taglib string memory because taglib is leaking.
  • Also search for .m4p files.
  • mp4 support is now optional.
You can download it here