Saturday, March 03, 2007

Genesis Favorites: A Trick of the Tail

Since Genesis starts touring again this summer, I thought I might list all my favorite songs from each Genesis album. Who knows, may be they read my blog and consider playing some of them. Since they've so many great songs, I'll try to limit my selections up to 4 songs from each album.

Dance on a Volcano / Los Endos
I don't like the album version of these songs, but live they sound fantastic. Dance on a Volcano is a great song when you're hiking.

Mad Man Moon
Absolutely love this song. From what I've heard they're never played it live. Shame on them!

I love this song on the album. The live version on the archives set is a bit of a disappointment. It just didn't sound as good as on the album.

Beautiful song about getting older. Absolute masterpiece. (Live even better)

(and yes... these were 5 songs... I know)

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