Saturday, March 10, 2007

Genesis Favorites: We Can't Dance

I practically grew up on this album and it is my first ever Genesis album. So I have a little bit of trouble listing my favorites tracks without listing all of them.
Also the album cover art is one of my favorites as well. Genesis definitely sounds more 'earthy' and less 'plastic' on this album then their previous 80's efforts.

The album has some really great short tracks like Jesus he knows me, No Son of Mine, and Hold On my Heart. But the long tracks on this album are definitely my favorites:

Driving The Last Spike
This song is about the many people that died building the english railroads. I think it's a great piece of song writing.

Dreaming While You Sleep
Great Song!

Living Forever
Living forever is about how so called experts tell you how to live you life healthy (and sane) and years later tell the exact opposite. Garlic used to be good for your heart, but not anymore. Feeling confused?
Anyway, it ends with a great instrumental with some good guitar work from Rutherford.

Fading Lights
Great album closer. Love the lyrics and the good old instrumental piece in the middle.

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