Friday, March 02, 2007

Goggles Music Manager 0.7.0

I've released Goggles Music Manager 0.7.0 with whole bunch of new features:
  • gapless playback support.
  • Tag Editing Support.
  • Repeat Track Support.
  • Speed improvements in SQL database.
  • Minimize jumping of slider control when seeking.
  • Background color for every other row.
  • Import of single files now also possible.
  • Columns in tracklist are also now configurable in browse mode.
  • Fix Crash when clearing database and reimporting in List Mode.
  • Set default value for saving tag changes to file to false.
  • Manage own taglib string memory because taglib is leaking.
  • Also search for .m4p files.
  • mp4 support is now optional.
You can download it here

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