Monday, May 07, 2007

Development Update

I've started working again on the new play list feature in Goggles Music Manager. The database has already been updated to store the playlists, and I've created all the new queries needed to support the flat view and browser view (genre,artist,album filters). The base functionality to create and delete play lists as well adding artists,albums and tracks to play lists are implemented. What's left are mostly major user interface changes. The ToDo list for this week:
  • Drag 'n Drop capability from track, album and artist list to a playlist in the source list. (mostly working)
  • Drag 'n Drop capability to rearrange tracks in the track list. This is already working but still needs some design decisions on how and when to save the changes to the queue order in play lists. Since we allow sorting based on any column in the track list, the order of the tracks is not always the queue order.
  • Each play list needs to remember the view state.
  • Introduce new icons and update existing ones.
  • Extend database to keep track of playcount, last play date, comments and such.

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