Monday, July 02, 2007

Album Lists and Fonts...

I've been busy getting Goggles Music Manager back to a state that is usable again. There is nothing more frustrating then hacking without a good tune on the background.

Last week someone submitted the first bug report/feature request in the issue tracker. The basic issue was that if multiple artists are selected we list the individual albums of each artist. Now this doesn't work very well with albums that contain multiple artists because GMM considers these multiple albums. Most music managers don't care/have about this problem since they use a different database schema. Most use one table to store all track information including artist and album, while GMM has a separate album and artist tables. In GMM each track belongs to one album, which in itself is associated to one artist.

I've already made the necessary changes not to list duplicate album names and this should come available in the next major release (0.8). I also added the "All Artists" and "All Albums" to easily select all the artists and albums. Inspired by the competitors I've made these entries show in a bold/italic font. A little gotcha I noticed that if you just select the same font size, the bold/italic font will actually look bigger than the non-bold/italic font. I'm not sure if this is the same for all fonts, but at least it is the case for Bitstream Vera Sans. To make them appear the same size, I actually had to select the font one point smaller.

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