Thursday, August 16, 2007

Goggles Music Manager 0.8

It's finally out! A whole bunch of new features and fixes:
  • New: Support creating custom playlists.
  • New: Don't show duplicate albums names when multiple artists are selected.
  • New: Added "All" entry to artist and album lists.
  • New: Export database and playlists to XSPF, PLS, Extended M3U, M3U and CSV.
  • New: Clipboard and drag-and-drop support for moving tracks to playlists and importing and exporting files.
  • New: Configurable toolbar docked on top or bottom, showing big or small icons with optional text.
  • New: Customizable Icon Theme. Either use buildin icons, or load from disk.
  • New: Animated icon in scan progress dialog.
  • New: Support year tag.
  • New: Support volume normalization plugin.
  • New: Database now also stores for each track: year, rating, import date, play date and play count.
  • New: Option to close audio device when playback is stopped.
  • New: Upgraded to more advanced build system.
  • New: Include Desktop Application Entry and Icon in distribution
  • New: New About Dialog.
  • New: Report An Issue link in Help Menu.
  • New: Changed License to GPL-3.
  • New: Warning dialog when FOX without PNG support is used.
  • New: Fullscreen mode (requires FOX-1.7.11).
  • Fix: Ctrl-A selection now works in all lists.
  • Fix: Do not import MP4 files that contain video.
  • Fix: Track titles are also now sorted using the leading keyword filter.
  • Fix: Editing Dialogs retain proper sorting order of genres,artists and albums.
  • Fix: Allow up to 4 digits in track number input in edit dialogs.
  • Fix: issue preventing filenames with '#' characters from playing.
  • Fix: compilation fix for older xine libraries.
  • Fix: status line now shows correct song in repeat mode.
  • Fix: sleeptimer now works properly in FOX 1.6.
  • Fix: Write xine configuration file on exit.
  • Fix: Don't recurse into directories that are symbolic links.

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