Tuesday, September 04, 2007


For the past week I've been backing up my cd collection. I already did this before, but at the time I stored everything in Ogg Vorbis. I decided to do it again, except this time I'm storing everything in FLAC which is lossless. This will give much greater flexibility later on, when a new more popular lossy codec is coming along. So far the operation has been like this:
  1. Rip CD using Grip to FLAC.
  2. Write FLAC to DVD for storage.
  3. Run oggenc over FLAC to store as Ogg Vorbis on my mp3 player / hard disk. Nice thing that oggenc knows how to read FLAC files and preserves the tags.
  4. Remove FLAC files to clear up disk space.
So far I've already written about 12 DVDs!

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