Thursday, May 22, 2008

New Hardware

I ordered one of these gadgets... Can't wait till it gets here...

Music Manager Bugs

So my last Goggles Music Manager (0.9.4) was really a rough release. It took until 0.9.8 to get all things right. Of course then the next couple of days you discover even more bugs, so a 0.9.9 is on its way.

Yesterday I discovered that in combination with gap less playback the piece of code that updates the playing track information is never called, which affects the status information in the GUI, but also the updating of the play count and eventually also the submission to last-fm. The bug was hard to find, because it would work about 50% of the time.

There was also a crash in the edit track dialog when referring to a deleted file. I also fixed the issue that when you press stop, it will update the current item in the track list, so when next time you press play again, it will start from the last track you played.

Now it wasn't all bugs this week. I also spend some time implementing support for embedded album art in mp3 (and flac files with id3v2 tags) files. I hope to also implement support for album art for regular flac files.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Goggles Music Manager 0.9.4

Haven't blogged in a while my music manager development. Over the past couple of months I've mostly worked on the development version of GMM (the one day 0.10 release). Since the 0.10 is not ready for public consumption yet and the last 0.9 release was some time ago, I decided to backport some new features to the 0.9 branch.

One of the new features is disc number support. Not wanting to change the database, the disc number now get encoded in the upper 16 bits of the tracknumber field. Disc numbers are handy to have if you have multi-disc collections that have the same album name for each disc but still need to be sorted correctly. Personally when I backup my CDs I always merge all disc into a single album and renumber all tracks, but I guess some people prefer to use disc numbers instead.

The 'Configure Columns' dialog has been changed to use a checklist widget, that can change the order of columns, as well as hide or show the column with a checkbutton embedded in the list. This is a custom widget not available in FOX.

The track list was also expanded to show a year column.

The new mini player got expanded to now include a volume control as well. One of the features most people were complaining about.

Last two weeks I have been working on last-fm support. My first real introduction to socket programming and the HTTP protocol. It took only a few days to get an official 'client id' from the audioscrobbler/lastfm guys. I was surprised how quickly I wrote the scrobbler submitter implementation. I think I spend most of the time on error handling and working around url encoding issues the official FOX version has (had to write my own).

If you haven't, you should really give Goggles Music Manager a try!