Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Goggles Music Manager 0.9.14

In this release:

* New: Threaded scrobbler submitter which should prevent locking the
GUI during DNS lookups.
* New: Tray Icon. (contributed by Olivier Duclos).
* New: More complete dbus interface (required by the tray icon)
* New: NetworkManager support to wakeup scrobbler if network
connection becomes available.
* New: Font and colors may now be updated from within GMM and require
no application restart.
* Misc: The filename template settings has been moved from the
preferences panel to the tag editing dialogs.
* Misc: Support for mugshot was removed.
* Misc: Nicer application and tray icon by Olivier Duclos.
* Fix: Incorrect track number was used when renaming files

Last.fm group for users of Goggles Music Manager:


Direct Download:


Derek said...

Hi S, I didn't realize that you blogged. Looks like a neat project you have going on. I'll have to check it out.

sxj said...

I occasionally blog... :)