Friday, November 14, 2008

Genesis 1970-1975 boxset

I recently purchased the Genesis 1970-1975 boxset. It contains the first 5 albums newly remastered and remixed. Each album comes as a CD and DVD. The DVD has the new 5.1 surround mix in DTS.
The DTS surround mix sounds absolutely gorgeous and really makes the music sound fresh. The "Lamb" is the only disc that also contains a pretty cool slideshow while playing the album.

There's a pretty good review at


Derek said...

This sounds interesting. I like Genesis (although, I'm ashamed to say, I like a lot of their more poppy music), so it would be interesting to hear something a little more artsy.

sxj said...

Well, if you want the more poppy sound, last year they've released the remixed/remastered 1976-1982 and 1983-1998 boxsets.

Mark Wright said...

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