Sunday, November 23, 2008

Goggles Music Manager 0.9.16

In this release:
  • New: add additional shortcut '/' for search filter.
  • New: When pressing the search hotkeys, existing search text will be selected.
  • New: New shortcuts for Repeat Off, Track and All. Added shortcut for Shuffle as well.
  • New: Made 'repeat' radio buttons instead of checkbuttons.
  • New: Play file from the commandline.
  • Fix: Track-less songs should not display 0 (#62)
  • Fix: disable default key press processing in tracklist.
  • Fix: Update GUI when done playing.
  • Fix: incorrect tracklist state when using search filter.
  • Fix: workaround for older notification daemons that don't show '&'.
  • Fix: improved URL handling. group for users of Goggles Music Manager:


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