Sunday, May 31, 2009

Goggles Music Manager 0.10.0

  • Database Improvements:
    • Improved performance when modifying the database (importing & removing tracks)
    • Added fields for per track artist (issue 72)
  • Import Improvements:
    • Added "Sync Folder" capability, which can also update or remove tracks in the database if needed.
    • Added import exclusion filter for file and folders. (issue 84)
    • Redesigned import dialog. It now contains the import options that were previously in the preferences dialog.
    • Added a filename template input to grab track information from a filename. This replaces the less flexible "title from filename","album from directory" and "artist from directory".
    • Added option to choose where to read the track information from: filename, tag or both.
    • Replaced "Default Title", "Default Album", "Default Artist" and "Default Genre" with a single "Default Field" since most of time you would likely use the same text anyway.
    • Removed the Import File(s) option. I don't think it's needed that much, and it reduces the number of choices a user has to make.
    • Importing single files can still be accomplished through drag-and-drop.
    • Remove wizard. Just show import dialog first time.
  • Other Improvements:
    • Added Localization Capability. (issue 3)
    • Added disc column to track view.
    • Allow multiple genre selection in browser.
    • Double click in artist and album list will start playing.
    • Added button to enable or disable scrobbler.
    • Equalizer with configurable presets.
    • Take into account the disc number when sorting albums.
    • Send cover art through dbus to notify daemon directly instead of saving it to disk.
    • allow to write tags when editing even if tracks have not been modified.
    • more flexible input to select which fields need to be searched (issue 51).
    • allow quoted strings in search field.
    • Support for Multimedia Keys.
    • Optionally display playing track in title bar.
    • The album list may now also be sorted by album year.
  • Audio Improvements:
    • The audio driver can now be changed. (issue 87)
    • Replay Gain (Only Ogg Vorbis, native FLAC and mp3 with APE tags).
  • Filename Renamer:
    • The excluded character set may now be changed for the filename renamer.
    • Added year and disc parameters.
  • Tray Icon Improvements:
    • tray icon is now integrated within gmm. gmm-tray has been removed.
    • tray icon show/hide miniplayer as well.
    • volume may be controlled using the mousewheel.
    • middle mouse click will toggle between playing and pausing.
  • Fixes:
    • crash when sorting in Internet Radio view.
    • remember "Update Filename" setting in edit dialogs.
    • actually try alternative urls in PLS or m3u before failing completely.
    • correctly display playing track in playlists.
    • do not run event loop in dbus message callback.


alxgudo said...

but his fast!

Mischa Jansen said...

whaa! It's still alive! :)
Nice work!