Thursday, June 04, 2009

Goggles Music Manager 0.10.2

  • Added Spanish Translation
  • Fixed bug which prevented translations from working with FOX 1.7


Anonymous said...

Hello, thank You very much for GMM.
Its simple but handy interface and very low resource usage makes it best default audio player for Linux.

It would be ideal if it had one feature:

I don't like the new Amarok 2 interface, and I think it easts too much RAM during playback. The only reason why I'm keeping it in GNOME (as many other users) is the scripts which you can find here:

If GMM could make use of the radio scripts created for Amarok 2, it would be ideal and it would gain thousands of new users which dislike the new Amarok look and feel but can't live without its scripts.

Is it possible to add this feature in a future GMM release?

sxj said...

Thanks for your comment. Supporting Amarok script would involve a lot work. Time I rather spend on evolving gmm itself. Patches are happily accepted ofcourse.