Sunday, July 19, 2009

Goggles Music Manager: Upcoming Features...


m--s said...

Hello there!

Sorry for writing here instead of using googlecode site, but I really do NOT want to have the Google account :)

Anyway, I've been looking for foobar2000 replacement under Linux and GMM seems to be the best one so far. I'm not really sure whether this has been the design goal, but many people believe foobar is the best player in the world, so keep up the good work!

Still, there is always a room for improvement, and some features are very important for me. I'll try to enumerate these:

1. The column "Path", displaying full path to the files in the playlist would be very appreciated,

2. ... also the column with a "bitrate",

3. In the future, fully user-customizable columns would also be nice, this will prevent the playlist view from being cluttered. For instance, if the user so desires, the number of the track could be joined with the title if it exists, with the introduction of the new custom column described as "[%trackno%. ]%title", where the contents of [] are ignored when the field %trackno% is empty. Just for the record, the columns I am currecntly using under foobar with ColumnsUI plugin (and may be hardcoded into the GMM as a substitute for this feature for now) are as follows:
Album: "[%album% ['['CD%discnumber%']' ]]"
Artist: "[%album artist%][' // '%track artist%]"
Title: "[#%tracknumber%. ]%title% '--- ['%filename_ext%']'"

4. ... also "tabbed" interface, with tabs as playlists, giving more horizontal space for columns than the current version with sidebar (exactly as in the default UI in foobar).

5. is there any way to "copy" the layout of one playlist to the other, or to keep just a single configuration for all the playlists? If not, that'll be another suggestion

I really hope that you'll be able to implement at least 1, 2 and 4 in the foreseeable future.

For the record: 1-3 are all somewhat related to the issue 93. Everything enumerated here is also present in the foobar player, so if you have some time and a windows machine somewhere (or some time to configure WINE for that matter), you can check for youself how well it would all work in GMM when implemented.

I'll check on this blog and wait for your answer, for which I'd like to thank you in advance.


sxj said...

Next time, you can just email me. (email address is under the contact page)

(1 / 2) Ok, added the request to issue 93.

3. Thanks for the idea. I'll keep it in mind.

4. Not sure about the tabbed interface, if you have a lot of playlists or sources, it becomes rather cramped.But I'll keep it mind, perhaps it could be an option to display sources as tabs.

5. Not yet, but I guess a "make default" option would be handy here.