Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Goggles Music Manager 0.10.8

  • New command line option (--tray) to start gmm minimized in tray.
  • Album Artist tag support for MP4 files.
  • Fix shortcut to toggle playback (issue 121)
  • Use buildin mp4/asf support from taglib 1.6 if available.
  • Rely on default genre list from taglib.
  • Build fixes.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Linux Music Manager Memory Comparison

  • Music library consisted of about 4700 tracks.
  • All players were playing a track (to account for music engine memory).
  • What happened to Amarok... that's a big increase

ApplicationMemoryResident MemoryShared MemoryVirtual Memory
Amarok MiB127.2 MiB49.6 MiB933.8 MiB
Quodlibet 2.157.8 MiB80.8 MiB23.0 MiB652.0 MiB
Exaile MiB78.0 MiB21.4 MiB512.5 MiB
Banshee 1.4.345.1 MiB71.3 MiB26.3 MiB463.5 MiB
Sonata ( + MPD (0.15.4)37.1 MiB55.4 MiB21.1 MiB616.1 MiB
Rhythmbox 0.12.336.8 MiB60.9 MiB24.2 MiB607.8 MiB
Audacious MiB42.5 Mib17.8 MiB578.6 MiB
Goggles Music Manager MiB18.9 MiB11.3 MiB366.1 MiB