Sunday, May 23, 2010

What's happening in GMM!

Here's a small overview on what's happening with the development in GMM.
  • Most of the new widget theme is done. A couple of dialogs still need be updated, but those are relative minor issues.
  • I've been experimenting with new a layout as well. Mostly inspired by the Google Chromium browser. The menu and toolbar are now unified into one toolbar and comes with a new progress / playing status area.
  • Made several improvements to the cover loading in the album list. Covers are cached so when starting up it should really be quick to load them. Also to minimize X11 loading time, multiple covers are tiled in to larger pixmaps (64 covers per pixmap).
  • The MPRIS interface is pretty much complete.
  • Added support for ratings. They can be edited directly in the track list.
  • Slowly converting GMM to a more multi-task based enviroment. The idea is that expensive tasks like importing, tag writing etc. don't block but continue in the background (and may be cancelled) . This does require some changes in how we access the database though, which is where the most work is still left to do.
  • I've been working on my audioplayer library with the intention that one day it can replace the xine library. The internal architecture of the engine is slowly evolving based on the needs of the various decoders and output plugins. It's been designed from the start to be really good at gapless playback. It can already be used in GMM instead of xine, but it still lacks a lot of things (though basic playback really works well already).
In other news:

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Derek said...

Looks nice. Interesting to hear about the Chromium-inspired menu/toolbar.