Thursday, June 09, 2011

Upcoming Changes

Here's a heads-up for those who follow the latest development version of gogglesmm.

I've decided to retire xinelib. It has served us well in the past, but its time has come to be replaced by GAP (Goggles Audio Player Library). Of course, it means we do lose some functionality in the "short term", but hopefully, with the help from other people, missing functionality could easily be added. I do feel we have most of the major functionality available in gap: reliable ogg/flac/mp3/mp4 playback including internet radio streaming. As a matter of fact, for the last year I've haven't used the xine-backend at all.

With the retirement of xinelib, we also can get rid of the libcurl dependency. It was used in the past to download pls/m3u filetypes since those weren't handled by xinelib itself. GAP handles these files without any problem. There's still a chance we may use libcurl again whenever we decide we want to add a podcast manager.

I'm also dropping FOX 1.6 support. Simple reason is that GAP requires FOX 1.7 and I'm not planning on backporting it to FOX 1.6. I also made the last FOX 1.7 release (1.7.26) the minimum required version since this shipped with a renamed pkg-config file (fox17.pc instead of fox.pc) and is also the start of the new BGRA support in FOX. I was able cleanup the source code very nicely and remove all the unneeded ifdefs!

With GAP being the primary playback engine, we no longer need to store the replaygain in the database. I'm planning on GAP being able to read any replaygain tags directly and apply them during playback. So you will have to re-import your music into the database due to the changed tables.

Goggles Music Manager 0.12.2

  • Gnome 3 compatibility updates
  • Fix infinite warnings when the system time is out of sync with the server time.
  • Merge title that were split into multiple entries in vorbiscomments.